November 8, 2017

Google for Jobs: What it Means for Physician Job Searches

By Jason Faulkner Medical Consultants of America   Google, a term almost synonymous with online search, has recently turned their attention to the issues that surround job searches in hopes they can bring relief to both job searchers and employers alike. For far too long people searching for a new position have been forced to

July 25, 2017

The Six Expenses to Plan For in Your Physician Job Search

By Aimee Echevarria MDR HealthCare Search If you’re getting ready to start your physician job search, you’re probably concerned more with finding the right position than what doing so might cost. Believe it or not, applying, interviewing, and accepting a new position can be quite expensive, especially for physicians. Because of this, it’s important for

June 6, 2017

Staying Organized During Your Medical Job Search

By RM Medical Search   Staying organized during your medical job search will help you properly evaluate each job opportunity and may reduce the sense of being overwhelmed by all the options out there. Using the same set of criteria to evaluate each position, you will be able to determine if it fits your clinical,

May 29, 2017

Why Providers Work with Recruiters

By Concrode Physician Source Providers may ask themselves why respond to a recruiter versus submitting my CV directly to the hospital. What is the role of a recruiter? The answer is….Searching for the right practice is a process. Practicing medicine is also a process involving several support professionals. Recruiters have a role to help you gather

May 19, 2017

Will we see new models of physician compensation in 2017?

by Jordan Search Consultants , Are healthcare regulations and incentives about to disrupt physician compensation models again? Although there are many models of physician compensation in effect, each with its own rewards and risks, the uncertainty following the U.S. presidential election has made it necessary for physicians and medical systems to take a wait-and-see approach